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Valgo Spectrum (DK19763/2017) is our amazing Valglo bred and reared stud dog. This is the only blue Valgo stud in all of northern Europe. He is blue with a white chest, and brown eyes. He is a perfect example of a muscular, compact, short legged English staffie.


His dad is the absolutely oustanding Valglo Singin' The Blues (AH04875506) and his mum is the elegant Valglo Picture Perfect (AJ05463401).


He has a fantastic pedigree, with champions including Days Of Thunder At Crossguns, Valglo Lancer and Valglo Casanova At Crossguns - the latter being the #1 wining staffie in the world.


Riley is a real snuffle pig, he grunts when he is happy, and snores loudly when he gets to sleep on the sofa or in front of the fire.


Kentredecim Blue Royal Boy (DK12226/2016). He is blue with a white chest, brown eyes and all black claws.


His father is the awesome Markone Blue Boss (AP01271701)

His mother is Kendeci Azure Diamond (AP02897204)


He has a great pedigree, with Valglo Singin' The Blues, Valglo Jeff's Choice and Jolsons Blue Boy.


Storm is a loyal and loving dog who is always ready for a cuddle. He loves his family and a good romp around a forest or a field..


Zealand Lulus Pride (DK15462/2015) is blue with white chest, brown eyes and all black claws.


Her father is the fantastic Pureonic I Am Legend (AM04290001) Her mother is Pureonic First Edition (AL04462602)


Her pedigree includes Valglo Jeff's Choice, Valgo Casanova at Crossguns and Bullyview Alright Mate.


Nana is a fantastic family dog, with a super temperament. She is the kindest, gentlest dog, and her favorite things in the world are belly rubs and sitting on your lap.


Plata (DK15427/2016) is blue, with a small white chest patch, brown eyes and black claws.


She was bred by us here in Denmark, and her father is the stunning champion Kippastaff Swedish Blue Boy (SE13244/2012), who won the 2014 Copenhagen Dog Show, amongst other achievements.


Her mother is our own Zealand Lulus Pride (DK15462/2015)


In addition to her champion dad, her pedigree includes The Blue Boss, Silver Zella, Pureonic I Am Legend and Valglo Jeff's Choice.


Elsa (named by our daughter; I am sure you can guess who she is named after), takes after her mum in terms of personality. She is calm, gentle and playful. Her favorite things in the world are to play in the garden with our daughter, and to curl up in front of a warm fire.



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